How to Plan a Palm Springs Desert-Chic Wedding

April, 11 2021

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Looking for a non traditional wedding style that's perfectly understated, but will still make your big day stand out this wedding season? Start planning a desert-chic wedding in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. Even if you’re not a Spring bride, with Palm Springs' 300+ days of sunshine a year, you can have a comfortable outdoor wedding almost any time. Lin Lines Transportation is an expert in not only wedding transportation, but with years of experience transporting wedding parties, we've become experts in all things wedding planning. Here’s how to throw a trendy desert-chic wedding in Palm Springs and plan transportation for it.

Finding a Palm Springs Wedding Venue

The first step in planning your big day is to find a wedding venue that acts as your desert-boho backdrop. Palm Springs is the epicenter of gorgeous hotels just waiting for you to add your personal wedding touches to their spacious grounds. Here’s just a few of the gorgeous desert-chic styled hotels you can book as your venue:

The Sands Hotel


Hotel Lautner


ACE Hotel


With these hotels all near the hustle and bustle of downtown Palm Springs, you’ll have all the ingredients you need for your wedding weekend! Having your wedding at venues like these provide natural landscapes of cacti and palm trees to frame your "I do's." 

If you're looking for a non-traditional venue to go along with your non-traditional desert-chic wedding, you can ditch the pre-arranged hotel settings altogether by renting out a property in the Coachella Valley. A property likeAn amazing property like Sky House, (you’ve probably seen this venue if you’ve watched Andy Samburg’s “Palm Springs” movie)that will make you and your wedding guests feel as though you're at the edge of the world. Where luxury and simplicity meet, this 8 acre property overlooks the entirety of the desert. Have your first dance under the prominent stars shining down on you and your new hubby. With Sky House’s vastness and open desert surroundings, you have the freedom to design your desert-boho wedding with no limitations. 

Architecting Your Unique Desert-Chic Wedding

With properties like Sky House, you can build your dream wedding from the ground up by renting large safari tents as overlays for your ceremony and reception. Add a feel of vintage whimsy by adding mis-matched chairs to your table arrangements. You can make your big day even trendier by providing your guests with fun parasols to walk around with.

Take inspiration for your wedding palette from the natural and understated desert scenery. To give your wedding an additional desert-chic feel you can incorporate cacti and succulents into your flower arrangements (Pro-tip: they’ll also be great wedding favors for your guests to bring home). You’ll have absolutely stunning wedding photos with you and your white dress standing out against the desert horticulture.  

Transportation for Your Desert-Chic Wedding

Whether you choose to have your wedding at a hotel or rent a property, you’ll need transportation for your ceremony and reception. At Lin Lines, we have over 50 years of combined experience providing transportation for weddings. We’ll safely get you to your destination whether that be in crowded downtown Palm Springs or a property requiring a little bit of off-the-road travel — you can rely on us. Give us a call today and we’ll help you plan an amazing desert-chic boho wedding, while providing you with the transportation you need to make travel from the ceremony to the reception easy.

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